Translation needed?

You need to present German translations of your documents to the German authorities – to prove your residence status, for job opportunities, for your family, etc.?

We can take care of this for you – for all languages. And with the official certification, of course.

Our Offer for You

You have all your personal papers and professionally required documents in your native language. Now you need them in German. And this with an official certification, as German authorities and future employers generally demand certified translations of this kind of documents.

These documents include, a.o.:

  • School diplomas,

  • Degree certificates,

  • Study transcripts,

  • Summary of subjects,

  • Overview of grades, etc.

  • Job references,

  • Work books,

  • Proof of advanced trainings,

  • Retraining certificates,

  • Employer recommendations etc.,

as well as, of course, for you and your family

  • Birth entries,

  • Marriage documents

  • Death certificates,

  • Proof of residence,

  • Family register, etc.

Put all your required documents together and come to us. We will give you our best price and inform you about how long the translation will take – and will then carry out the translation for you – cost-effectively, quickly and trustworthy.